Tire Recycling

Tire Recycling


Tire Up-Cycling

Transforming our consumer goods into products we already use is the best way to preserve resources for the future and reduce our waste today.

Tires are durable and versatile. Cut, punched, and modified tires have agricultural, marine, trucking and construction applications.

Rubber Chipping

When a tire is no longer suitable for reuse or up-cycling they can be chipped into rubber mulch. The process requires no water and has no airborne particulate byproduct.

Chipped tires can be used for playground mulch or pressed into soft play surfaces, running tracks, and flooring tiles.


Playground and Athletic Fields

EPA studies have shown it to be non-toxic for children and the environment.

Unlike wood chips, rubber mulch cannot host bacteria and does not require maintenance or replacement.

Road Asphalt and Subgrade

Crumb rubber is now a mandated additive in regrading asphalt in California. It provides give and durability, reducing the cost and need for road maintenance.

Alternatively, whole baled tires are also used as a subgrade in road and bridge building.